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Sri Siddhartha Gautama Sinhala Movie Torrent Download




It is the first film to be made on the life of Sri Lankan Buddhist founder Siddhartha Gautama. The Film A new man’s life is at a crossroads, which is as much as he can deal with at this moment in his life. He is destined to seek self-knowledge but none is willing to teach him the road to it, except for an old priest who lives in a small village. Being promised by the old man to become a Buddha if he is able to fulfill his spiritual quest, he travels to the capital city of Rajagiriya to seek out that mysterious sage. The story is told through a historical commentary by the old sage (not appearing on screen), who talks about the various characters in Siddhartha’s life who he helped, and reveals the importance of Siddhartha’s political accomplishments in expanding Buddhism and assimilating it to the mainstream of the Sri Lankan society. The film also shows the inner journey of Siddhartha’s self-discovery; how he was bitten by the spiritual bug that drove him to seek self-knowledge and the need to share his journey with others, which led him to become the Buddha and spread Buddhism to the masses. Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located off the southeastern coast of Asia, sandwiched between India and Thailand. For thousands of years it was an independent country, known as the ‘Empire of the Sovereigns of India’ (ක්‍රිය ඇත්‍රී ලොකුගාගු විදේස්),[1] a sovereign state of Buddhist religious and cultural influence. Sri Lanka entered into an armed conflict against the army of the Kingdom of Kandy, the former sovereign kingdom, who, in 1815, invaded and occupied the island, conquering the last independent kings. The two dominant religions of Sri Lanka, both of which have been continuously practiced since at least the 3rd century BCE, are Buddhism and Hinduism. In the early 20th century, Catholics (largely due to the activities of the Jesuits) and Muslims also became established. Christian





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Sri Siddhartha Gautama Sinhala Movie Torrent Download

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